Wouldn’t it be great if you could filter searches around a certain topic?If you agree, you can be happy, because there is a solution for that: The hashtag !With the spread of social media , the presence of hashtags has become more and more constant. Many of us have already seen them and we have even used this device. However, many times we do not understand its main function.So, to better understand what they are for and how they are used correctly, take a look at this post!Download this content by leaving your email belowLeave your email hereDon’t worry, we are not spam.What is a hashtag?Hashtags are like keywords that people use to mark the topic of content they Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List are sharing on social media.Each hashtag is transformed into a hyperlink that directs the search of the people, who, also, marked their content with a specific hashtag. When you select a word for a content, it is automatically added to the search group for that topic.In other words, it is a more practical way of grouping various content on a given topic, making it easier to search for the desired topic. From this search, it is also possible to find the people who are talking about a certain topic and what each of them shared.For example, if you are interested in knowing what people are commenting on about a new topic or content from the Content Marketing medium , you can facilitate your research through the hashtag with the name of the subject or topic that you want to search on social networks. This way, you will


discover what people are saying about that topic.How and when to use a hashtag?Making use of a hashtag is very simple. Just use the number sign (#) and then insert the keyword with which you want to better rank your publication. Do not forget that the spaces are not identified, therefore write all the words together .Returning to our example, to talk about Content Marketing, for example, just add a hashtag #contentmarketing or #contentmarketing and you will guarantee that it is included in the search universe of the topic.Basic tips for using hashtagsIt is important to talk about some tips that can help you a lot so that your hashtags are successful: Don’t put all your content in one hashtag. If you want to know what people are thinking about a movie, use the hashtag with the name of the movie and don’t #block people are thinking about the movie. Well, that will greatly limit the search, reducing the volume of content found.

Don’t use a hashtag for every word. This tip is the opposite of the above. If you append the hashtags #what #people # are #thinking #about #the #film, you will add the content in various search groups, not necessarily what you initially planned.Use a hashtag that is consistent with the topic of the content. Using a hashtag, just because it is trending but without saying something relevant to the topic, will make the hashtag ineffective for spreading the content.Check the grammar. A simple misspelling, or even typing, can make the hashtag a failure. Well, it is not very likely that several people make the same mistake when creating a hashtag.How can my company use a hashtags?Now that you know what a hashtag is and how it should be used properly, it is time to understand how you can apply this knowledge in practice for your company.

First of all, it is important to emphasize the importance of having corporate profiles on social networks in which your audience is more present and active. In this way, it is possible to interact and get closer to your audience, creating a relationship that goes far beyond the commercial.Thus, if your profile is public, the use of hashtags in an appropriate way can make your content be found, in addition to the people who already follow you. So, choosing hashtags can play a fundamental role in the reach of your publications,

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