Today this term is very fashionable and is constantly searche for. If you sell online, have a drop-shipping shop or an ecommerce, maybe you are interested in the topic too. Well: in this article we will talk about what marketplaces are, which are the best ones in Italy and abroad and what advantages they have for those who sell on the web.

Marketplace: definition

The term “marketplace” was originally use in English to indicate the markets that are held in the square.

However, today it is use in a different context and refers to a different reality, much more technological.

What is a marketplace?


A marketplace (or e-marketplace) is a virtual platform that facilitates internet transactions between buyers and entrepreneurs who specialize in selling products online .

Its purpose is to replicate the structure of physical markets, which are generally organized by an authority or organization to provide merchants with a place to sell their products.

A marketplace, therefore, is a platform created by an indonesia mobile number directory intermediary to allow buyers and sellers to meet and do business.

The task of those who create the marketplace is to increase web traffic to the platform and generate a high enough number of visits to allow all sellers to have a good conversion rate .

To be able to attract users (for example due to the variety and breadth of the catalog), it must also convince a sufficient number of sellers to use the platform.

After all, when looking for a product on a marketplace, we want to be able to choose between multiple options.

It is thanks to this healthy competition that we usually obtain favorable conditions of sale and prices without having to do research on the internet to find the best offer.


Types of e-marketplaces

Given the success they have enjoyed in recent years, marketplaces have spread like wildfire. Today there are several types.

Types of e-marketplaces divided by product categories

The first classification we can do is based on the products or services we find on the marketplace. In this case, we will have two different types of platforms.

  • Generalist Marketplace : offers a large variety of products belonging to the most disparate categories. One example is AliExpress , where we can really buy everything (from clothes to household items, electronic gadgets, jewelry, pet products, car parts and even DIY tools). If you’re looking for ideas on what to sell online with Oberlo , AliExpress is a great place to start.
  • Vertical Marketplace : These are platforms that specialize in a market niche or specific product category, such as aggregators from different sellers who all deal with the same area. In Italy we have Zalando , where it is possible to exclusively buy clothing items and accessories.


Types of e-marketplaces divided by products sold

This classification includes three types of e-marketplaces.

  • Product Marketplace : This is a digital marketplace where physical products of all kinds are sell. Amazon and eBay, for example, are two of the most popular marketplaces.
  • Service Marketplace : There are also platforms where you can hire freelance services. An example is Fiverr:  here you will find many professionals, from graphic designers specialized in logo design to video makers who make introductions for videos on YouTube.
  • Job Marketplace : Another area where marketplaces are popular is job searching. Some specialized sites, such as InfoJobs , help workers get in touch with companies. If you don’t know how to find work , these marketplaces are definitely for you.

Pros and cons of marketplaces

Now that you know the definition of a marketplace. You will have noticed that these platforms offer very similar advantages to those that have made shopping centers so popular in recent decades.

On digital markets, in fact, you can find everything without having to move or do a lot of research 

In fact, according to our online shopping statistics. Shoppers don’t want to waste time on the web. For instance, just as they don’t want to go around town to buy a few items.

That’s why more and more users are opting for marketplaces. For instance, where they find everything they need in a couple of clicks.

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