Sending periodic and interesting content to your buyer persona or target audience , favors the construction of a relationship. That is why the tone with which you communicate with him is so important.For this relationship to be strengthened, it is important that you be Belgium Phone Number List careful with the amount of sales promotions you send him.Most of the content that you deliver should be educational and useful ,


otherwise it may take your emails as a form of email sales . Something not at all positive for building a relationship.A newsletter can even achieve other complementary objectives

it all depends on what they are.For example, inviting him to follow you on social media through a good CTA is something you can easily achieve.What are the parts of a newsletter?A newsletter does not have a mandatory structure, everything will depend on your strategy and the objectives you want to achieve.However, the following skeleton can be considered to have a parameter to follow. For this we will use an example of the newsletter that we send weekly to our blog subscribers: MatterThe subject is extremely important within a newsletter,

your open rate will depend on it .How many emails do we receive daily in our mailbox? Many right? It is impossible to read all of them! That is why we must consider the two fundamental factors that determine whether we open an email or not: the subject and the sender.

If the sender is not someone with whom we have a close relationship, it will depend on how interesting an issue is or how much it catches our attention.It is for this reason that special attention should be given to this field of the newsletter.

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