Humans have been grouped in “herds” since the beginning of our species and with the advent of digital technology , specifically the Internet, this need to form tribes migrated to this space.Next we will show you what a virtual community is, its main characteristics, the types that exist and the advantages of belonging to one. Stay with us!What is a virtual community?These are groups in which interactions between various people are promoted with the aim of sharing opinions and experiences on a particular topic and, in some way, making them feel part of something.Of course, these interactions take place through digital and electronic media or channels .What are the characteristics of Saudi Arabia Phone Number List a virtual community?These spaces, despite being communities, differ from those that present physical interactions between the members. Specifically, they have these characteristics: 1. Geographical location does not matterThe place of origin of the participants is irrelevant, they can be part of the community even coming from different parts of the world, social groups and even different languages.2. Participants have specific rolesIts members are organized according to their level of participation:

Leaders or community managersThe community managers are those who argue on many occasions new topics and establish the rules of the community.ModeratorsThey are the ones who ensure that all participants respect the rules, that is, they maintain the correct functioning.TaxpayersThey are those who actively participate in conversations within the community, contributing their opinions, leaving questions for the group, rating the comments of others and leaving “likes”.PeepersThese act as a kind of ghost within the community, since they read everything that is spoken within the space, but do not participate in any of the conversations.

Now that you know how a digital community is made up, which of these are you?3. It is anchored to digital mediaAlthough the members of a virtual community are close to each other, what really provides a satisfying experience is taking everything over the Internet.Therefore, everything is on some digital service or website.4. Allow members to feel part of somethingThe sense of belonging that develops in these groups is equal to or stronger than that found in traditional communities.Which means that physical contact, regardless of whether it is present in the equation or not, is not necessary for this type of group.

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