Have you ever wondered where all the content of your digital marketing strategy that you upload to your website is located?It is, then, on web servers. These are fundamental for the Internet and if they did not exist, surfing the web would be very different from what we know today.With the digital transformation and the growing use of the Internet, it was more than necessary to create servers that were capable of storing and broadcasting Nigeria Phone Number List the library of information (almost infinite) that we find on the web.Imagine web servers as a “normal” office computer, except that in this case they are prepared to be on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year .Do you still have doubts? Don’t worry, in this article we will answer what you need to know about web servers, keep reading!What is a server?A web server (server) is a powerful computer that is responsible for “providing the service” of transmitting the information requested by its clients (other computers, mobile devices, printers, people, etc.) Web servers (web server) are a component of the servers whose main function is to store, in web hosting ,

all the files of a web page (images, texts, videos, etc.) and transmit them to users through browsers using the HTTP protocol (Hipertext Transfer Protocol).What is a web server on the Internet for?The main role of a web server is to store and transmit the content requested from a website to the user’s browser .

This process, for Internet users, does not last more than a second, however, at the web server level it is a more complicated sequence than it seems.To fulfill its functions, the server must have the ability to be always on to avoid interrupting the service it offers to its clients. If the server crashes or shuts down, Internet users will have problems entering the website.How does a web server work?Communication between a server and its clients is based on HTTP, that is, on the hypertext transfer protocol or its encrypted variant HTTPS.To know how it works, first it is necessary to know that the web server is permanently waiting for a request for information .

Also, keep in mind that every computer, smartphone or tablet has a unique and unrepeatable IP address that identifies it from another device on the network, this is how the web server sends the exact information that the Internet user is waiting for.Now, for the web server to fulfill its function, it is necessary that it receive the request from a browser, in other words, a request is sent from an IP address to the IP address of the server that hosts the site files in question.

Next, the web server searches its files for the information that is being requested, proceeds to interpret the lines of code and send the result to the browser whose IP address was the requestor.This result is shown to Internet users and is what always happens when browsing Internet sites. When this process is completed we can say that the web server has fulfilled its function.

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