Every person who wants to start a business has difficulties managing the business.Despite having knowledge in the area of ​​administration and financial management, it is difficult to apply theory in practice and day-to-day situations exceed the knowledge that one has.So what to do to have more efficiency and effectiveness in the management of your company? It is best to understand what an information system is. Argentina WhatsApp Number List This system has information as a fundamental element and, therefore, its purpose is to manage, store and provide data and information that can support the processes and functions carried out in the company, in addition to also supporting decision-making.To understand more, read on.What is an information system?The first question we have to think about in relation to this matter is that an information system is not restricted to hardware or software .This is a fairly common concept and one that scares some people, but it needs to be demystified,

as these systems are far more far reaching.In reality, the objective of information systems is to understand and analyze how the impact of the adoption of information technologies occurs in the managerial and administrative decision processes of companies.For this reason, as we have already stated, its main element is information, since this is what will guide decision-making. But where does this information come from?Basically, the interaction that occurs between procedures, people and technologies, which work together with information systems to achieve the goals defined by the company.In this sense, we need to highlight that the system is divided into subsystems.One of them is social (including people, information, processes and documents) and the other is automated (made up of machines, communication networks and computers).That shows that people really are fundamental to this tool.What are the characteristics of this system?

The information system can work with various elements. Among them are software , hardware, databases, specialist systems, management support systems, among others.In other words, all computerized processes are included, which can make the correct information available and make the company work properly.However, there are some inherent characteristics of this system that must be taken into consideration. See what they are.RelevanceThe system must generate relevant and necessary information for the company, which must be generated on time and be reliable.Thus, this information has a cost close to that estimated by the organization and meets the management and operation requirements of the company.IntegrationIt is necessary to have an integration between the information system and the structure of the company.In this way, it is easier to coordinate departments , sectors, divisions and other types of organizational units.In addition, this integration process facilitates and speeds up decision-making.

Independent flowThis characteristic is quite differentiated, because, at the same time that there is a flow of data processing, which occurs internally and externally, there is also an independent flow of information systems.It is integrated into existing subsystems and, therefore, acts faster and with less costs.ControlIt is not mandatory, but information systems may contain internal control tools, the purpose of which is to ensure that the information generated is reliable and to act in a way to protect the controlled data.GuidelinesThey serve to guarantee that the objectives of the company will be achieved in an objective, efficient and direct manner.

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