The branding a small business is easy to administer compared to what it is when it grows. With development, new brands emerge to drive and it is Macau Email Lists necessary to organize them for better management.

In this way, the need to create a strategy to project and organize the portfolio of the corporation’s brands, products or services is manifested. This is where brand architecture emerges to meet this need.

In this post you will learn what is the architecture of a brand, its advantages and importance in a marketing strategy , as well as the models that exist, together with some practical examples that will allow you to understand them better.Will you accompany me?What is brand architecture?

It is the set of strategies through which a company designs, projects and builds the portfolio of its brands.By using the term architecture,

we want to express the importance of a harmonious and integrated construction, emphasizing the coherence between the objectives of the company and the expectations of its ideal audience or buyer persona .In this way, it is possible to solidly build a better branding strategy.

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