The marketing is a very fun and dynamic area, as new strategies emerging every moment. A good example of this is Branded Content, which provides an innovative solution to the challenges of conveying a brand’s message to consumers .Branded Content may be relatively new or less known in the industry. But it is so effective that there is an award category at the Cannes Film Festival called “Branded Content & Entertainment.”In this article, we will explain the details about Branded Content, how it Latvia Phone Number List works and how you can apply it in your marketing strategy.Let us begin!What is Branded Content?Let’s start by answering this basic question.Translating this term literally, it would be “branded content”, that is, the creation of content directly related to topics about the brand . These contents must be relevant to your target audience .In this way, the dynamics of brand disclosure changes. Instead of being related to advertisements, which are frequently ignored or rejected, the brand begins to be associated with information and entertainment, which have more value for consumers.Branded content is flexible and adaptable . And it’s at a marketing intersection where advertising, information, and entertainment converge.Likewise, Branded Content can be used through various channels and formats. Even using the newest alternatives for mobile devices – applications.How is this strategy developed?

So, since you understand what Branded Content means, you are surely wondering how you can develop it.Although there is no secret formula, several essential factors can be identified to produce branded content.First, it is important to note that the pace of Digital Marketing is very different from traditional marketing.In Digital Marketing, the time to plan is scarcer, because the actions and reactions must be immediate. Otherwise, the public’s attention is focused elsewhere and we risk losing the opportunity to gain visibility.

On the other hand, when planning loses space, monitoring and management gain importance.In branded content, what happens after uploading content is crucial for effectiveness. The objective is to understand what is happening with that material in the hands of the public and try to keep it “active” (that is, generating interest and engagement ) for as long as possible.We cannot elaborate a recipe for the success of Branded Content, but there are two ingredients that must – yes or yes – be part of the process: curiosity and surprise.When a brand offers content that breaks expectations, it greatly increases the possibility of generating interest (which, eventually, will also generate leads). This is why many serious and respectable brands are developing fun and humorous Branded Content.Another important ingredient for branded content is relevance.

We already said it, but it bears repeating. Ultimately, relevance has a “social” function: to help spread content.Branded Content has a different dynamic, for example, from a television advertisement (which will be seen, in theory, by the entire audience of the channel). Since it relies heavily on social media and will be viewed in proportion to how much is shared.In other words: if the first people who come into contact with the content do not consider it relevant, it will not be reinforced and it will be overlooked. What causes it to “die” before reaching a large audience.

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