For the business world, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a relatively modern aspect, which emerged at the beginning of the digital transformation process .It was not until the last decade of the past millennium that this concept began to gain strength, being incorporated into the organizational culture of many companies. According to , a portal specialized in business, the arrival of globalization, the development of ecological awareness, the greater demands of users and new technologies were some of the factors that encouraged the rise of Sweden Phone Number List CSR. In this way we arrive at the reality of today, in which many organizations, of different sizes and sectors, worry about being a socially responsible company .But what really is CSR and how do you know if a company implements it or not? Have you ever stopped to think about this? We do! And that is why we want to show you the most relevant aspects of this concept, including its meaning, importance, some examples of companies that apply it in Latin America and much more.

Are you ready to learn about all of these factors? If your answer is “yes”, take a look at the rest of this material! What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Why should companies apply this concept? What is a socially responsible company? How to implement social responsibility in a company? What responsible companies exist in Latin America? What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

If we talk about social responsibility, it is yes, we can define it as the commitment and obligations assumed by the members of a community among themselves and, also, before the rest of the community as a whole.

Logically, when transferred to the business field, the meaning is the same, simply that this burden or commitment is carried out, voluntarily, by corporate organizations. In some way, this makes companies go a step further and not only benefit their environment through the generation of jobs and the expansion of the offer of products and services .By taking corporate social responsibility into account, organizations directly and immediately impact the lives of citizens and communities through programs that advance economic development, education, and many other social causes. In addition, CSR is also a philosophy that is incorporated into the business vision, basing it on respect, ethical values, caring for the environment and sustainability in general. Why should companies apply this concept? When we focus on the importance of applying corporate social responsibility, we have to classify its benefits into two groups: those that directly benefit companies and those that improve the environment.

For organizations, having strong CSR programs and communicating them efficiently translates into the following advantages: Better work environment Remember that CSR is part of the business vision , which makes it part of the organizational culture. In this way, workers develop in a friendly environment that transcends values, ethics, respect and tolerance. All this contributes to an optimal organizational climate, generating employees identified with the company and committed to its projects and objectives.

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