Do you want to make or improve the performance of your sponsored links? If so, you should know what CTR is and how you can increase the click-through rate for your keywords and ads. Through this indicator, it is possible to evaluate which ones work well and which ones still need to be optimized. It works like this: when a user performs a search, Google displays the Argentina Phone Number List most relevant results. If your CTR is low, the search engine understands that you do not offer what the user is looking for. On the contrary, with a high CTR search engines interpret your ads to be useful. As a result, the higher your CTR, the lower your cost per click (CPC).If this sounds interesting to you, learn in this article what CTR is and how to increase the click-through rate of your blog content on Google results pages. What is the CTR? The acronym CTR stands for Click Through Rate and, in Spanish, it refers to the rate of clicks .It is an important metric to evaluate the performance of an ad, whether in Google AdWords or in the so-called Social Ads of social networks , such as Facebook and Instagram ads.

To calculate it, you just have to divide the number of clicks of an ad by its number of views. CTR  number of clicks  number of views For example: if your keyword has 60 clicks and  impressions, your CTR will be 1%.What is its importance? This metric translates the quality of your keywords and therefore of your ads. If they have a low CTR, it means that they have few clicks compared to the number of impressions. Therefore, its cost will be higher. In addition, CTR is one of the factors that make up the Google AdWords Individual Qualification (IQ), as well as the relevance of the ad and the landing page .The IQ gives scores of 0-10 for ads based on those criteria. So for your PPC campaign to perform well and have a lower CPC, it is essential to work to improve your click-through rate. How to know if the CTR is high or low? The ability to perform this type of analysis will depend on the market segment to which the company belongs and, of course, on your experience with ads. After all, with the passage of time, the Marketing professional improves his ability to interpret data.

When reviewing it, be sure to separate the campaign models, as the performance of an advertisement on the search network will not be the same as that obtained on the display network. This is because, in the second case, the goal is usually to get views instead of clicks. How to increase the CTR of your keywords and ads? Enter the main keyword in your ad Choose the main keyword of your ad group and enter it in the text and title in a natural way to optimize the SEO of your advertising. You can also use the code ( keyword : standard word) so that your advertising is automatically updated with the keywords of your group. That way, the user experience will be more positive, as they will see the exact search term that they want.

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