The digital transformation has changed many issues for the business sector, but the Tokelau Email List client still remains the basis and the center where all actions revolve, do not you think?All the technologies that are part of everyday life have given customers a power never seen before, therefore,

companies and brands have had to develop new techniques to satisfy them and improve their experience .Interested? So, you can not miss what comes about the methodology of customer orientation in companies .

What is customer orientation? Customer orientation can be defined as a philosophy, which allows all the actions of the personnel that are part of an organization to be directed and focused on satisfying each need of customers and users .But this goes far beyond what we already know as customer service , which focuses on the areas of sales or customer service.

Customer orientation is present from the very creation of the organization or the product , to the marketing and distribution actions .It is an attitude that is assumed from the company where all the needs and requirements of the consumer are taken care of and seen as a priority.

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