Why is programmatic advertising a trend?Programmatic advertising, unlike traditional advertising, does not try to expose a product or service to as many people as possible.Instead, it is focused on finding potential customers and the ideal time to offer them the product and increase the conversion rate.With the influence of Big Data , this tool is capable of creating advertising campaigns that are flexible to change according to market trends. That is, they have the ability to adapt to Japan Phone Number List aspects such as location, devices, demographics and time.What do programmatic advertising and Digital Marketing have to do with it?Programmatic advertising, being a bidding tool for ads on the Internet, offers the possibility of placing an advertisement at the right time and place so that your ideal clients can come across it.However, in simple terms, it is all it does. In other words,

you need the creativity of a Digital Marketing team to take advantage of those resources!Don’t get us wrong, programmatic advertising has multiple advantages such as: segment the public through Real Time Bidding ;save time and money thanks to a unified system that brings together adservers, advertisers, channels and platforms; improve the conversion rate thanks to segmentation ;reach potential customers anywhere in the world you want;transmit a message appropriate to the needs of the public, among others.But from there, you need to take advantage of tools like remarketing, paid search engine ads , and SEO good practices to attract users.What are the elements of programmatic advertising?Now is the time to talk about the technical foundation of this tool: Real Time Bidding or “bidding in real time”,

which is nothing more than the process that makes it possible.In different specialized platforms, spaces are offered to place advertisements where they are sold to the highest bidder, and in them different parts that make life within this ecosystem are involved, such as: UsersWhen someone visits a page of the ad network, the programmatic buying process is started, where their profile is studied to determine the relevance of the ads and the page impression for the advertiser.

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