In recent years, motivators, speakers, coaches and other people and professionals who exercise some type of leadership or are dedicated to transmitting ideas or messages have made the concept of the comfort zone a trend.You have probably heard this expression on at least one occasion and, possibly, you associate it with feeling comfortable with your life or current circumstances, which is not far from reality.However, it is important that you Honduras Phone Number List  know and look at this concept from a deeper perspective, which really allows you to determine if you are in the process of progress and development or, instead, you are going through one of those stages of stagnation.And that is what happens to all of us, at least once in life!For this reason, in the following lines we will explain specifically what the comfort zone is, why it is disadvantageous and what attitudes you must develop to “escape” or get out of it.Check out!What is the comfort zone?This expression refers to a state of mind and, at the same time, of behavior , in which the person imposes limits on himself or simply accepts a certain lifestyle to avoid pressure, risk, fear or anxiety.In other words, it is a space in which an individual does not risk anything or make

an effort, for which he apparently lives comfortably, but in which he does not grow or advance.So the question is: is this supposed state of comfort worth living? The reality is that it is negative for people.In fact, although this expression has become popular in recent years, psychologically it has been considered a negative factor since 1908, following the development of the Yerkes-Dodson Act .At that time, the psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson discovered that the state of relative comfort generates a constant level of performance,

but that it can only be increased if there is a certain degree of anxiety, excitement and risk.In conclusion, if you hope to improve yourself, you must get out of your comfort zone!Why is the comfort zone so disadvantageous?You already know that, in general, the comfort zone will prevent you from exceeding yourself.But, so that you are really aware of the importance of getting out of it, below we will explain 5 disadvantages of staying in this mental and behavioral state.1. Loss of confidenceYou may be able to feel comfortable in your comfort zone for some time, but there will come a time when your lack of progress will become apparent, and as a result, you may begin to doubt your talents, job competencies , communication skills , and other abilities.

Also, seeing how other people around you advance and excel while you are always in the same place will make you lose confidence in yourself little by little, and that is very dangerous!Loss of confidence can be the beginning of a dramatic drop in your performance in different areas and even problems such as depression.2. Limits developmentThe comfort zone will always encourage you to stay within it, which in turn means that it will prevent you from moving forward and progressing.Not making an effort to “escape” from that place could limit the development of your professional career or entrepreneurship , despite your knowledge, talents and other virtues.3. Distract attentionAnother great disadvantage of the comfort zone is that it directs your attention towards things that are far from your goals and dreams.And it is that, when entering this state of nonconformity, you will consciously

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