In an era marked by the arrival of the Digital Revolution, which has transformed people’s daily lives, new concepts and theories appear that seek to explain the changes that our society is going through.One of these new concepts is the Information Society . Although it can be confused with other terms such as digital transformation or the Internet of Things (IoT), the Information Society goes further.Then discover what the Information Society is, what its characteristics are and why it is important that you understand the concept in order to draw appropriate strategies for the new forms of interaction that technology brings.What is the Information Society?This term is nothing more than an expression of the current environment in which we live. A society interconnected by technological innovations that allow information to flow instantly from and anywhere in the world.This environment arose thanks to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that facilitate the Iran Phone Number List production and distribution of information, as well as the connection between people who are thousands of kilometers away, promoting globalization.For this reason, as we mentioned before, the Information Society has triggered a revolution in the way we access information and how we interact with each other.Gone are the times when, for example, to resolve a concern we had to read entire books until we found the answer, because Google has facilitated access to knowledge with quality information indexed with techniques such as SEO .

In the same way, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter keep us updated, since they provide immediacy in the circulation of news or events that are happening at this precise moment, unlike other traditional media such as the press.How did this concept come about?The origins of the concept can be traced back to the 1960s .Different authors, among which Fritz Machlup and Yoneji Masuda stand out, realized the impact that information was having on their society and how it would intensify in the future. From there they talked about the Information Society.Later in the 80s , in the midst of the birth of the Internet,

the use of information and technology was optimizing industrial processes, so the study of the Information Society was taken more seriously.Already in the 90s with the expansion of the Internet and the creation of the World Wide Web, we landed in a post-industrial society based on technological developments that facilitate the dissemination of information and knowledge.At present , such is the ease of finding information on the web that people are beginning to talk about the Knowledge Society, a concept that refers to a highly educated society that will promote innovation and economic development.Why is information so important in today’s society?Now that you know what the Information Society is and where it came from, you may be wondering why you need to understand the concept, right?Well,

below you will know three reasons that lead us to understand the importance of information today.Technological evolutionICTs have been the facilitators of the Information Society. Without satellite networks, broadband or television and telephone networks, society would not have connected in the way it does today.For example, you already know that when computers emerged they were large machines that stored little data, complex to use and difficult to acquire. Now, we all have the opportunity to carry the best technology in our pockets with mobile devices.In short, the truth is that the development of technology does not stop and is increasingly exponential. Therefore, the future will continue to bring changes to which society will adapt.Changes in the social and cultural environmentThanks to the Internet, information has permeated all spheres of our lives, from leisure to study and work, modifying the way we did our daily activities.Today we can communicate instantly remotely, study anytime, anywhere, learn a new skill while waiting in traffic thanks to YouTube, or even work at home or from anywhere in the world.Impact on business and economic developmentIn recent decades, governments have strengthened the Information Society due to the positive consequences it brings to the economy.

Because of this, physical effort jobs are being relegated to jobs that require information management skills.For this reason, companies now automate their industrial processes by being more efficient in the use of their resources. For example, thanks to Digital Marketing they manage to conquer new customers without the need for large investments.An example of this is the use of Landing Pages which, as part of a Content Marketing strategy , is used to access the contact data of the potential client to start direct communication.What are the characteristics of the Information Society?The Information Society is characterized by:promote globalization through the use and development of ICT; promote the Knowledge Society;keep the flow of information and knowledge free;mark a generation,

its development and identity;immediately communicate events or news of public interest; allow greater influence of society in political decisions; accelerate the economic development of countries through technology; eliminate presence to communicate, study or work;create new jobs;optimize obsolete industrial processes that ultimately lead to digital transformation

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