In the digital age, companies must keep in constant movement and evolution to achieve their objectives and one of the most widely implemented techniques today is organizational development.In this article we will talk about its meaning, what it is for, main techniques and how it benefits organizations.Now, you should know what this process is about. Do not back away!What does organizational development mean?Organizational development is a strategy to improve the company focusing efforts and priorities to identify the needs of Paraguay Phone Number List customers in the current context and with projection in future changes.This concept speaks of a systematic approach that has its origin in ideas about the human being, organization and environment . Management sciences are categorized within behavior.The Western Electric Company (USA) made an innovative study of 4 variables that generated a resounding change in terms of business organization: environment;organization;group;individual.This is how, step by step, a better capacity for collaboration between individuals and groups has been built in order to promote the spirit of teamwork and the integration of all those involved.

What is organizational development for? The objective of organizational development is to make the business fabric more effective, where workers move the gears of the company to achieve their full potential.It avoids constituting elements isolated from the rest of society, therefore it reflects an individual and organizational learning that is essential for the creation of flexible systems that are sensitive to internal and external change.

Therefore, investing in organizational development techniques is getting closer to an organizational culture that, depending on the nature of the problem, can help your organization to: develop the capacity for collaboration between individuals and groups; manage to find and integrate the balance between the needs and objectives of the company and the staff; constantly improve information and communication systems; create and promote a sense of belonging in people within the organization; improve the work environment and establish an environment of trust; create a climate of receptivity in the company;encourage initiative and innovation of each employee;develop and stimulate talents within your organization.Surely you already understand why it is important, remember, human resources are essential to achieve the proposed objectives, if you achieve the happiness of your staff, you will grow as a company!

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