Edge Computing is also known as the next step in the Internet of Things. It has to do with the “real” devices that are connected to Moldova Email List  the Internet and the progress required for increasingly complex data processing and analysis to take place close to them.

Ana readwhat is the concept of edge computingThe Internet of Things , or IoT , is growing rapidly.

The use of devices such as smartphones, appliances with Internet access, sensors, cameras and drones, among others, brought the need to process data more quickly.Edge Computing is one of the ways found to achieve faster technologies.

Edge Computing optimizes the use of electronic devices that can connect to the Internet , since it seeks to bring computing closer to the source of the collected data. Therefore, the processing takes place as close as possible to the user’s location or the data source.

One of its advantages is minimizing the need to pass data over long distances between the device and the server , reducing latency and requiring less Internet bandwidth.And with increasingly shorter response times,

the better for companies that are investing in this new form of technology.Discover in this article what is the trend of cutting-edge computing and what is its relevance for companies.

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