Twitter Analytics is essential for your business. Twitter is a fast, fun and most importantly free social media platform, which never hurts. It can help you drive traffic to your online store, build a loyal customer base, and increase sales – all without upfront investment.

Twitter statistics provide you with a wealth of useful information to create content that has value for your target market. 

In this post you will find out what Twitter Analytics is for and how to use it to define the success of your campaigns on the platform. Not only that, you will also find a list of all the analysis tools you can use to better understand your audience, analyze your competitors and gain more followers.

A cosa serve Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics provides you with useful data on interactions, hotel email database clicks, retweets, additions to favorites, replies and much more. Basically, on everything related to your tweets and the progress of your Twitter profile. Not only that, you also have Twitter statistics on your followers and on who interacts with your content. You can find all this data in your Twitter Analytics control panel.

Twitter analytics: where to find them

You can log into Twitter Analytics directly from your Twitter account. Just go to the Twitter home and select “Other” from the sidebar. You will see a menu from which to select “Analytics” from which you can access the Twitter statistics.


Another way to access the Twitter Analytics control panel is by visiting the URL: Once you log into the dashboard, Twitter will start showing you your content stats.

You’ll also see tabs covering Tweets, Audience, Events, Videos, and Conversions. Each of these cards offers different data. By clicking on the Tweet activity tab, for example, you can access real-time Twitter statistics on all your tweets. You will be able to see how users are interacting with your content, get detailed information about your audience, the number of replies, tweets and followers obtained.

Is Twitter Analytics free?

Yes, Twitter Analytics is free. Each user can access the Twitter statistics for free by following the steps we have just talked about. In addition to the native panel within your account, there are also several free and paid Twitter analytics apps that you can take advantage of to dig even deeper into your data. But we’ll talk about these options later.

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