If you have an ecommerce and you are not yet using the Google Ads service. That allows you to grow your business and find new customers thanks to advertising on websites and search engines. Moreover, you are missing out on something extraordinary.


Don’t wait any longer, after reading this article you are sure to start using it successfully!

Google Ads was launched shortly after Google.com became the most popular website in the world. In fact, in 2000, the American giant announced its paid advertising service Google Adwords, which was renamed Google Ads in 2018.

Google Ads or Google Adwords are therefore the same thing, or rather the first is the new brand that includes everything that was there before.

But what is Google Ads, then?

It is simply the network of paid advertisements hosted on Google channels. From the search results page ( SERP ) to the websites that consent to show the platform’s ads.

To say that it is a PPC (pay-per-click) platform is certainly not enough to understand this service.

First of all, to understand how Google Ads works, you need to find out what Google Ads is for.

Google Ads is an extremely effective way to bring quality india phone number database and interested traffic to your business. The traffic that will arrive on your website thanks to this platform will be formed by potential customers who are already looking for products and services similar to those offered by your ecommerce .

Thanks to Google Ads you can therefore increase the traffic of your site, receive a higher number of potential customers and increase visits to your physical store, if you ever have one.

The benefits of using Google Ads

The main benefit of using Google Ads for your ecommerce is that when people turn to Google, they are looking for something specific.

In the case of the Ecommerce, it means that they already have the intention to buy. And are therefore already entered into the sales funnel . They are actively looking for a product or service to buy.

And they’re literally telling Google exactly what kind of product or service, by typing related keywords into the search bar.


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