Mobile devices have become an increasingly important part of consumers’ day-to-day lives, who use them massively and are always glued to them. So much so, that there are already analysts who are analyzing whether the desktop is about to die as an access point to Brunei Email Lists the network and that brands are obsessing over (and there is possibly no better word to define the new relationships that are established between them and this new support) with how to find the best position when it comes to mobile devices.

But the truth is that mobiles are not just a scenario in which you have to establish yourself, in which you have to gain more and more presence and in which you have to face new and different problems. The mobile is also a new screen, one with new rules and one that generates new interests and habits and one in which, necessarily, things will end up changing.

It is almost a matter of logic. On a smaller screen, the elements that do on a larger screen will not work the same. And in this potential avalanche of changes, advertising will also have to change and will have to adapt to the new media and their characteristics. Banners will no longer be the same as they were in the past and, above all, they will not be able to be the same as they are on the desktop.

What will the banners look like on mobile devices? Some believe that, directly, they will not be.

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