A digital storefront is by definition accessible anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the important thing is to choose the best professional social network to be the most visible and give the visitor interesting information that encourages them to contact you.When it comes to B2C, all companies have taken the step of social media, under penalty of disappearing. But what about B2B? The figures are clear: Russian Federation Email List according to Guarana, 88% of BtoB marketers say they use social media to find new customers. Thus, the new means of communication are a springboard for any activity.In an inboud marketing approach , it is advisable to choose the professional social network most suited to your activity and your target . The goal is to get your leads to you, by attracting them with quality content – in addition to being more efficient, you save time that can be mobilized for other tasks!The specificities of B2B social networksIn the XXI th century impossible to succeed in business without being present online in one way or another . Rather than settling for the minimum, B2B companies benefit from being present on different channels,

to maximize their chances of attracting prospects .Today, a company absent from professional social networks would arouse the suspicion of potential customers. The presence on the net is indeed synonymous with credibility: visualizing the contacts, the seniority, the customers of a company and its expertise allows to have naturally confidence in its services from pro to pro, and this independently of the prospecting tools. offered by the various developers.While combining efficiency and saving time, personal branding should encourage you to register on at least one B2B social network to achieve the objectives of your web marketing strategy : Promote the company and its services by taking center stage;waste as little time as possible;maintain a strong brand image ;find new areas for prospecting ;maximize and grow contacts and relationships.The extent of your networking will indeed naturally improve the referencing of your brand and its website.From a tactical point of view, the time you have weekly for this mission should guide your conduct: below half a day per week, focus on a single professional social network . Quality is always better than quantity!Depending on your wishes, the question of the budget will arise: permanent visibility and activity on all the best B2B social networks will require the remuneration of a community manager or the implementation of a marketing automation solution.

On the contrary, if you prefer to deploy an extremely targeted strategy for the attention of your most strategic potential customers , it may be worthwhile to set up targeted campaigns by renting advertising inserts on different social networks.LinkedInLet’s start in media res by presenting the portal that seems to us to be in all respects the best professional social network in a B2B context: LinkedIn . With 44% of B2B companies having gained customers thanks to LinkedIn, the platform occupies the top of the podium, ahead of Facebook (39%) and Twitter (30%).If you are wondering which is the best professional social network for social selling , we will answer you “LinkedIn”. Here’s why…LinkedIn is one of the leading B2B social networks , both in terms of seniority and number of users. This social network with 740 million users, including more than 20 million in France, is turning de facto into a powerful B2B tool .If these figures are significantly lower than the results of Facebook, they allow to achieve a much higher efficiency: we are dealing with professionals coming to consult the profile and posts of other professionals. Thus, the audience on LinkedIn is much more qualified than on other social networks , which allows to obtain better results.On LinkedIn, there are both individual accounts and company pages , some not at all excluding the other – quite the contrary! If necessary,

you have to know how to create a learned alchemy between the official sign / showcase and the actions of its employees. This makes it possible both to carry out personalized action with prospects , and to create a federated community around the brand image of the company.Read also: Everything you need to know about creating a business LinkedIn accountLinkedIn allows you to gain credibility and notoriety . To do this, the profile of a professional must be complete and fleshed out: your LinkedIn profile must not be thought of as a CV but as the support of your expertise, in order to generate leads. Also, be sure to add your customers among your relationships, but also your suppliers and related professions that can be very useful to you: journalists, communication agencies, recruitment or consulting firms, etc. If some of your friends work in start-ups or companies with a solid economic reputation, do not hesitate to add them as well, even if they operate in a completely different sector of activity: through them, you will reach an ever wider network . This is the principle of the network!The international character of the brand is highlighted by an automatic translation service operating for around 40 languages.Thanks to LinkedIn,

you will also be able to make yourself known by launching discussion topics for the attention of other members of the network, by creating groups or by launching hashtags.The LinkedIn interface and features are constantly evolving. This professional social network therefore offers many tools to support you in your quest for B2B customers.Since 2013, LinkedIn has had an additional advantage thanks to its automated social selling (or “social selling”) offer , in order to better target advertisements. The selling social is a concept flagship B2B marketing: it is to use social networks to find and follow leads, create leads , strengthen customer relationships .

.. Two points are working in particular: 1 bridges to be found by potential customers by anticipating their needs; 2 ° inspire the confidence necessary to push them to go further.You will understand: LinkedIn is a powerful professional social network for any B2B company wishing to set up an effective social selling strategy! You are thus able to establish your notoriety and gain new customers.Social selling training webconversion digital prospectingViadeoViadeo has for a long time held high in LinkedIn in metropolitan France, seeming to be its counterpart but with a French origin (head office in Paris since its creation in 2004).Functional and intuitive to use, Viadeo SlideShare has not succeeded in transforming its international ambitions into realities, unlike LinkedIn. Depending on your field of activity, it may be a handicap to remain in a too “Franco-French” sphere. Viadeo’s strategy was in fact to be present throughout the world through the acquisition of foreign networks (Tianji in China, ICTNet in Spain, Apna-Circle in India, Unyk in Canada, etc.), sometimes with misfires (withdrawal of the Chinese scene in 2015, a year before a receivership and a takeover by Dassault).At the same time,

Viadeo users have gradually moved away from outright B2B as well as sales, to take more interest in employment and career opportunities . A partnership with Apec was also set up in 2009, then an agreement was signed with Pôle emploi. It was not until 2012 to see the arrival of company profiles, on the model of LinkedIn .You will notice that this “recruitment” and “headhunting” dimension, useful for your group alongside B2B, is not the prerogative of Viadeo: LinkedIn offers quite similar possibilities .TwitterTwitter is a global social network used by individuals as well as by companies, institutions and associations. Its operating mode is simple: short messages and maximum interactivity , the publications being found on individual profiles or on threads dedicated to a given “#” subject.Twitter has more than half a billion users: it is not easy to be visible on this social network.

To keep up with your competition and not get swallowed up in the flood of information posted every second, you will need to post several tweets per day , at regular intervals. But to succeed in breaking through, you still have to write interesting things, without falling into spam or trolls … A difficult pace to keep! It also takes a lot of tact to know how to bounce back with finesse on the news . It is indeed obvious that Twitter should not be used only to make direct and wild self-promotion, otherwise Internet users would never respond and would no longer consult the company’s messages.If you think you are running out of time to feed a Twitter profile on a daily basis, unsubscribe, as an unused account will give the impression of a dead or struggling company .

Foolproof responsiveness is necessary for your time investment on Twitter to be productive. Let’s say that for authentic business to business , Twitter is not essential. If you already have a busy schedule, it’s best to focus on LinkedIn.Please note: the world of B2B social networks could be turned upside down any day by the rise of a new player. It is therefore important to remain attentive in order to be able to seize the opportunities at the right time if the opportunity arises!

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