Before the creation of the most famous search engine in the world, finding information of any kind has never been easier. But of course I mean Google! However, have you ever wondered, who were its founders?Most of the searches we do on the Internet, we execute them directly or indirectly through Google , since it is the fastest and most effective that we know of.In this article I am going to teach you a little more about who founded Google and the history of this giant company. Let’s go together!Who Slovenia Phone Number List founded Google?American of Larry Page and Russian Sergey Brin , founders of this great company.In 1995, Page had finished his studies at the University of Michigan and went on to do his graduate studies at Stanford University, California.At this same university, he meets Brin, 21, who was in charge of showing him the campus.Without even knowing it, it is they who two years later revolutionize the world with their invention, Google!Do you

want an interesting fact?Before the creation of Google, Larry and Sergei had created another Internet search engine called “BackRub”, which was for university use only.For what purpose was Google created?Google was born as a university project that was based on organizing and distributing a large amount of information on the web, that is, an Internet search engine.

Having from the beginning a structuring of priority or hierarchy between the results thrown before a query, these are displayed in a list where the one with the best positioning on the web will come out first.This search engine came to change the way we handle ourselves on the Internet and in our lives, after all, who doesn’t Google everything?How is Google funded?Faced with the great and rapid growth, in the year 2000, Google developed what today gives them the largest proportion of their earnings: Google Adwords.Which is a Digital Marketing strategy that is based on making money through advertising on the Google web.What are the founders of Google doing today?Larry Page, is currently serving as CEO of Alphabet Inc.For his part, Sergei Brin, is the President of the same company.

This company is in charge of developing products related to the Internet, software and technology in general.Where is Google currently based?Google’s corporate campus called ” GooglePlex” is based in Mountain View, California, United States.Whose name is a little play on words between “Google” and “complex”.We finished!At this point, you already know the basics of the company that has made the biggest change in the world of the Internet and you will understand that Google’s marketing techniques are what have brought them to the top of success.If you are passionate about everything related to this topic, you should read our blog article that talks about the various applications that Google has . It is incredible!

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