More and more Universities migrate the focus of their traditional campaigns and integrate offline marketing with content marketing to attract students .If traditional marketing no longer works as before for the skeptical generation of millennials,

what will it be like for the new generation Z that does not know a world without Internet and is also the generation of uncertainties in the job market?For the doubts regarding the future and the skepticism of these young people, the brands that know how to South Korea Email List position themselves and are capable of creating empathy with potential customers stand out.Thus, a University that understands well the type of information that its potential student is looking for, is more likely to provide the answers that he wants to hear and thus generate authority and initiate a relationship.By understanding this scenario well,

many universities have already overcome this challenge and are one step ahead of their competitors with a very simple solution: create a blog .Read on to learn how to use a blog for an institution of higher learning and how it can help attract, retain students, and reduce acquisition costs for each student.How is the university market?In the competitive market of Universities, overcoming the semester campaigns of the largest is a real challenge. Fortunately , Content Marketing enables fairer competition between small and large companies on the Internet.However,

this strategy is no longer a novelty. We conducted a study that showed that 76.5% of Universities in Brazil have already started using it, making the average of visits to the website 34.4 times greater than those of a teaching institution that does not adopt Content Marketing.This is because, in the digital world, the one who gains more visibility is not the University with the most tradition or the largest budget, but the one that offers the most valuable content to the public.Although many educational marketers believe that text lost space to video content, a study by Mstoner demonstrated a different scenario.Most teens actually prefer articles and text messages from their school to videos, and they consider it very important that the school have written content on its website.4 Reasons to create a blog for your institution of higher educationWith other Universities using the strategy and your audience asking for content, you have no reason not to.Learn about the advantages that justify the need to incorporate a blog into your digital marketing strategy.1.

Increase the visibility of the institutionAn institution of higher education will only be able to generate a satisfactory number of leads if it has a good digital positioning.After all, visitors are in the first stage of higher education sales and marketing funnels .Imagine promoting an event for prospective students and having very few attend . The number of leads conquered with that event would be zero or very low, right?In digital marketing it also works like this. The more visitors your website has, the more leads you can generate so that, in the future, they go through the other stages until they reach enrollment.The creation of a blog for your institution of higher education allows you to explore other topics that are not directly related to the IES itself, attracting people who do not yet know your brand .Therefore,

avoid talking only about your own institution. It is important to provide useful information to students and try to answer their questions.In addition to the content that the institutional website already has (such as news and academic information), the blog is the ideal space to connect with your potential student.However, it is not enough to have relevant content, it is important that it is identified by search engines, such as Google .

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