If you ask a consumer about the ads that annoy them the most, they may have to think for a long time. Everyone has their ‘favorites’ among hated formats and that type of ad that causes you despair and frustration. Possibly, for many, the ad that accompanies a Comoros Email List video is that favorite among the worst. And, without a doubt, if the consumer is asked directly what they think of these types of ads, they will explode in an avalanche of complaints. You could say that no one enjoys the ads that accompany online video ads and that everyone hates them.

The situation is not new, but it is no less worrying for that. Looking back two years, frustrated consumer complaints can already be heard, that they were completely fed up with this type of content and that they could not empathize with them. Brands appeared to be sabotaging them by serving ads that only wasting their time and deteriorating the experience. Years later, the situation is much worse. Video ads are becoming more and more common and have begun to invade many more spaces and many more places, assaulting the consumer when they least expect it (or actually when they already expect it: the Internet user has realized that the ads in video they are everywhere and therefore they will appear anywhere). The prices of these types of ads do not stop rising and the interest of brands in them has also gone hand in hand.

And while the video ad fever is on the rise, the complaints have kept pace. The media has indulged in a long list of ‘ pissed off practices ‘ that make consumers more and more frustrated and more and more ripped off by online video advertising. Even the most traditional formats achieve dire results in satisfaction surveys: thus, only 6% of Internet users welcome pre-roll video ads.


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