If you think about the ads that are remembered without room for doubts or if China Email List you think about the brand jokes that everyone has stored in their memory and with which they still ‘play’ in their speech,

the truth is that you will find So many of those you remember and many of those that have been incorporated into your everyday language are actually older than you thought. At the end of the day, we all know that cotton does not deceive or that with Star or footprint , but those ideas are by no means recent.

They were the slogans that their associated brands (Tenn cleaners or Star bleaches) used in their advertising a few decades ago. Even the bleach trick that comes from the future, which has given so much play in trending topics, articles and jokes,

is nothing new and the emissary of the future who comes to tell us what has been discovered in cutting-edge cleaning has been doing it. many, many years and possibly a few decades now.

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