“It’s all about happiness; there are so many books about happiness, there is Pharrell’s Happy . Happiness has become an overused word in Ecuador Email List current and contemporary culture.” The one who speaks like this is Rodolfo Echeverría, Coca Cola’s global vice president of creativity,

connections and digital. Echeverría released these statements shortly after Coca Cola, in January, decided to change the idea of ​​happiness as a concept. Now Coca Cola is not going to promise happiness every time a bottle is opened but rather to allow the flavor to be savored. “At that time, Uncover happiness was the right thing to do,

the only thing is that its time has passed,” Echeverría explained to the British magazine Marketing, then adding a phrase that could well serve as a key to understanding why they have changed the epicenter of what they do. “It stopped being proprietary, it stopped being a good marketing asset for us,” he said.

And it is that all brands have launched to seek happiness and sell happiness, since society has become obsessed with the subject and has turned the search for happiness into a kind of main objective that must be fulfilled no matter what.

Being sad or not clapping because one feels like a room without a roof , as the song says, has become an almost forbidden element. And in this obligation of happiness, brands have become a crucial element to achieve it. You want it, they give it to you.

Marketing magazine accompanied the words of the Coca Cola manager with a search in Google Trends for the search for the word ‘happy’ in Google Trends. In recent years it has taken off. If you look for its equivalent in Spanish, happiness, you can see the same thing.

If it is done with the phrase ‘be happy’ the peak is equally significant. Among the most successful related searches are those of how to be happy or to be happy.

It is not the only symptom that can be found about the obsession with happiness. Happy , the song mentioned by Echeverría and which became a kind of hymn of happiness, became a kind of hymn always recurring in advertisements. The song was played to advertise cars, which made consumers completely happy; some loudspeakers, which danced in full swing; or in a Transavia advertisement in the Netherlands.

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