Unilever wanted to reach the population of a region of India where power outages are very common and therefore traditional Denmark Email List media do not work as it can be assumed they do everywhere. They couldn’t reach them through TV, not through radio, and not exactly through the Internet either. How to do it?

The company decided to use what that population already had (many, many mobiles), what they wanted (content) and associate it with their products. With the mobile they could access them and they could position themselves in the segment, a very desirable one. In this way, they managed to overcome the problem,

they managed to connect with their potential audience and, incidentally, they managed to become those responsible for the best advertising campaign in recent years, as they have just pointed out in a Warc report that has studied what they have done. brands around the world in the last biennium to establish which have been the best campaigns of these years and also what brands around the world are doing in general to succeed in building their brand image and connect with consumers

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