The marketing shift is on this year as third-party cookies are being phased out in 2023. Growing digital privacy concerns are making. It harder for brands to track consumers and gather. The quality data they need to personalize their campaigns.

What is zero-party data?

Zero-party data is information that consumers voluntarily realtor email list provide brands in exchange for some type of incentive or reward. Therefore, like a better offer or service. This type of data provides a more accurate depiction of a consumer because. Therefore, compared to first-party data, it may provide understanding of the consumer’s intent. Such as what products are relevant to them. With zero-party data, you do not need to infer; you simply ask consumers questions to which they provide answers.

Are you ready for a cookieless future?

SheerID provides marketers a new approach where they can create an exchange by giving gated, personalised offers to consumer communities that share a core attribute, such as their life stage, profession, or other affiliations. Brands can identify and acquire consumer communities through instant verification from the largest set of authoritative zero-party data worldwide. The world’s biggest brands — including Amazon, Home Depot, Spotify, and T-Mobile — rely on SheerID as their identity marketing partner.

How do you maintain a loyal customer base?

ThirdLove, a D2C apparel brand, is tapping into zero-party data with an approach that incentivises consumers to provide personal information about themselves. The company asks shoppers to fill out a survey where they can share information that will allow ThirdLove to recommend the best-fitting bra. For example, depending on how the customer has answered earlier questions, they may be asked if they have lost or gained weight. Because a shopper knows their answers will lead them to a perfectly-fitting product, they are more willing to provide the personal information required.

ThirdLove also uses this zero-party data to help guide bigger business decisions. In one case, the company built an internal algorithm that uses data gathered from. Therefore, the surveys to inform supply chain decisions, such as how to manage inventory of particular sizes. It also helps ThirdLove understand how size trends change over time.

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