Subsequently, and until recently, with the internet increasingly pervasive and many businesses that have begun to digitize, the same article would have told you about self-employed jobs, mainly carried out by freelancers, such as copywriters , and entrepreneurs, such as those who decide to open an online dropshipping shop .


But today? Does it still make sense today to give these kinds of answers? Plus, does it still make sense to ask this kind of question?

In a world where everyone, practically even the carpenter and the plumber, works connected to the internet to receive orders, issue invoices or buy the necessary parts … the question should perhaps be “who does NOT work online today?” .

And one tells you that, when she started working, she probably asked Google the question too. In fact, I found myself choose to work as a freelance copywriter. In order to live as a digital nomad : free in time and space, as I wanted.

Because at the time (even if it is a few years ago they seem like geological eras) it was perhaps the only possible way, or at least that was my perspective.

But today? Today, after Covid-19 and the various lockdowns, virtually all over the world working online and remotely? Today we understand that, if well done, work remotely can ensure more productivity, more welfare, more balance between life and work? What big companies and small are making great strides leaving home (in a good way) employees permanently?

What it means to work online today


Probably today you looking for information on how to work online, you should find something different in response.

You should be aware of the fact that freedom and career are not two antithetical things, that to have one you don’t have to give up the other.

Today we are talking in all respects of “remote career” or the possibility of using online work to grow one’s professional career outside of traditional working spaces and environments.

Starting from the concept that in the digital age, work doesn’t have to be done in a specific place to be done successfully. You can work from home, in coworking, but also from different places, which can become changeable for those who, like digital nomads, choose the world as an office .

So what does it really mean to work online today? What are the opportunities that this way of working has opened up for us, and not just that classic list of “jobs” that we could find in an older article?

That’s what I’d like to see together.

From casual online work to remote careers


If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to work online without giving up your professional ambitions, you should know that remote work today offers as many career opportunities or professional growth as traditional jobs, with the advantage of being able to work anywhere and being much freer.

In particular, what has changed the most is the companies’ approach turkey mobile number list to working remotely. For several years now, there has been talk of a revolution in the way of working, of “remotizing companies”, but in practice those that followed this path were very few.

The pandemic has forced a sudden and traumatic change, from many points of view. But it also gave the incentive that was missing to discover that working remotely is not only feasible. However, but convenient for both the company and employees.

Now the figures speak for themselves: the world has moved en masse in that direction.

About 13 million open positions are available on LinkedIn, of which 1.7% for completely remote jobs. Out of 86,000 jobs, Italy is looking for 1,475 full remote roles, in line with the world average. They seem few, but just a year ago they were perhaps a few hundred.

The most interesting thing? Of the fully remote positions on LinkedIn, 32% are for managerial roles.

Do you want to work online? First understand what you mean


So you who today, in 2021, want to know how to work online … maybe you should take a step back and ask yourself what you are looking for.

If this is a quick way to make easy money working from home, sorry to disappoint you but you won’t find it. Neither here nor elsewhere, because it doesn’t exist.

The various articles “10 Easy Online Jobs To Do From Home” tell you what you want to hear, but not what you need. Because that vision is severely limited.

In reality there is no list of jobs, because as we said this is an idea that now belongs to the past: almost all office jobs can be remoted.

From secretarial to managerial roles, from IT functions to communications, to HR or technicians … with an internet connection, every colleague is one call away on Zoom.

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