39% of Internet users in Spain would be willing to pay for solutions that stop the entry of ads while browsing. The survey, carried out by Accenture Bulgaria Email List among 28,000 people from 28 different countries, also reveals that 75% of Spanish consumers are aware of various blockers to eliminate advertising while reading texts or watching videos on the Internet.

Ad blockers automatically remove or alter advertising content in video, image or text format on a web page. In fact, for users who connect to the Internet through smartphones, tablets, televisions or computers, blockers allow faster file uploads, bandwidth consumption drops and, thanks to the elimination of platforms that track their profiles on Based on the searches they perform, it increases your privacy.

“Ad blockers are a relatively new threat to the advertising industry,” says Adolfo Rodero, managing director of Media and Entertainment Industry at Accenture. “Users are increasingly willing to pay for ad blocking, as there are many ads that are not properly targeted. In a personalized content environment, forcing consumers to see an ad that they are not interested in becomes a missed opportunity and is increasingly seen as an intrusion into their precious time. In fact, consumers are increasingly aware of the choice between many options and will increasingly avoid content associated with repetitive and irrelevant ads. “

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