An effective product description has the incredible power to inspire your customers to buy. Writing to sell is a fundamental skill if you have an ecommerce, because the way you present your products will directly affect your conversion rate.

Most customers make their purchases based on product photos, but the product description will help undecided customers figure out if that item is the right choice for them. By explaining to your potential customers the main benefits and value of your product, and offering them a solution to their problems, your product description can help you generate more sales, have fewer refund requests, and most importantly, build confidence to improve customer loyalty. .

Product description: what is it about?

The product description is, in simple terms, the text with which you present your product to customers. He explains its features and benefits to potential customers. The goal of a product description is to provide customers with enough information to convince them to complete their purchase.

To understand how to write a product description that hotel contact database can convert, you need to write a text that can persuade customers to buy. What problem does your product solve? How will your product help your customers, and how is it different from other competitors on the market?

Your descriptions should answer these questions in a clear and easy to read way.


Why and how to describe a product

Is it necessary to write a description to present a product? Depends. Like any other aspect of your site, the product description may not be a fundamental aspect. You have to do some tests. Each site has a layout, personality and style that may require different product description templates.

Some stores may have a higher conversion rate with concise descriptions, perhaps with bulleted lists. Others may prefer a long paragraph, or a set of list and paragraph. Some websites may convert with a total absence of text. There are several Google Analytics tools you can use to perform A / B tests , and figure out which format is best suited to your store for product descriptions.

You could also opt for a completely text-free product description. According to VWO, the FreestyleXtreme online store has carried out a spilt test. They created two landing pages, one with a product description and one without. Needless to say, they were surprised to find that the page with no product description experienced a 31.88% higher conversion rate. Every online store is different and creating an online store is highly personal, there is no single rule that applies to everyone. In this case, there are several factors that may have led to a poor conversion of the product description. It may not have been written correctly, placed in an inconspicuous area of ​​the site, or posted in the wrong format. However, when it comes to your online store, testing whether or not to write a product description can also help you understand how to optimize your product pages.

Let’s take a look at why you should add a product description to your store items. 

Optimizing your product descriptions can help you improve SEO optimization for search engines . What exactly does it mean? It’s about including specific keywords to improve your ranking on the SERP, the search results page. Without a product description, you might optimize your images, but your pages will have a hard time appearing high in the results due to a lack of content.

Furthermore, a product description provides your customers with all the information they need. Adding all those details that are not deducible only from the image.

For example, you would hardly buy a computer just looking at photos. Online shoppers want to read about that computer’s features and functionality. This also applies to the world of fashion. There are those who may be allergic to a certain material, and want to have detailed. Moreover, information on the composition of the fabric before deciding whether to make a purchase. Where can this information be found? In the product description!

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